This week i worked  on building out the Sprites for zombie panic based on the png images supplied by one of the other team members. I was able to recreate the player sprite using the exact same method in the png using illustrator i use the ellipse tool to make a sphere for the body of the player sprite and i used the exact same stroke weight ten. i spent two days working on the player sprite making sure the the body of the player sprite was the exact weight and looked exactly like the image. The third day i spent working on the npc of the game which is the enemy using Illustrator  i used the rectangle tool to build the body of the zombies use fill and the color black to give the npc some color.  I made a total of three zombies so far. The fourth day i worked on the eyes for the zombies and fine tuning the npc bodies make sure the zombies are the exact same length.I started to build the zombies eyes my using the ellipse tool and fill coloring the zombies eyes red to stay with the aesthetic of the game three colors. I what i plan on working on for this week is to continue build out the sprites for the game and also start building out the health bar for the player. 

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